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MBA Degree Requirements

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MBA Curriculum Requirements

36 credit hours, excluding proficiency courses, as outlined below:

  • 27 credit hours of core courses (including the capstone, Applied Strategic Management)
  • 9 credit hours of elective courses

MBA Proficiency Courses

Course Number

Course Name

Credit Hours

ACCT 5311

Fundamentals of Financial Accounting


MBA 5X03

Fundamentals of Business Statistics


MBA 5X04

Fundamentals of Finance


MBA 5X05

Fundamentals of Microeconomics


MBA 5X06

Fundamentals of Macroeconomics


MBA 5X07

Fundamentals of Management


MBA 5X08

Fundamentals of Marketing


MBA 5X09

Legal Environment of Business





MBA Core Courses

Course Number

Course Name

Credit Hours

ACCT 5313

Managerial Accounting


MBA 5315

Operations Management and Supply Chain


MBA 5318

Financial Management


MBA 5320

Marketing Management Theory


MBA 5322

Organizational Behavior


MBA 5325

Ethical and Moral Business Management


MBA 5326

International Economics


MBA 5357

Management Information Systems


MBA 5370

Applied Strategic Management





MBA Elective Courses (nine hours)

Students must complete three elective courses to achieve the required 36 hours of graduate work. The electives may be selected to achieve a concentration (see options below) or a range of general business electives that interest the student may be chosen to earn a general MBA without an area of concentration. Students should not wait until all core classes are completed to begin taking electives. Students who seek a second concentration can apply no more than one course from the first concentration to the requirements of the second concentration (a minimum of five courses for two concentrations). If there are no courses common to both concentrations, the student must take three courses (six hours) for the second concentration.

Note on Out-of-class Electives:

Based on approval from the dean or associate dean, a student can register for study abroad (listed as MBA 5393: Special Topics), Independent Research (MBA 5339) or Internship (MBA 5391) to receive three-hours credit applicable toward his/her concentration. A student seeking a particular concentration can count the study abroad course (MBA 5393: Special Topics) offered in the Summer II session toward his/her nine elective hours if the subject matter of the study abroad course pertains to his/her chosen concentration (requires approval from the dean or associate dean). Where applicable, a student is allowed to apply only one out-of-class elective toward his/her concentration; he/she can choose either Study Abroad (MBA 5393), Independent Research (MBA 5339) or Internship (MBA 5391) and two other in-class courses. Independent Research courses (MBA 5339) are reserved for students who need an elective but no courses in that concentration are offered in that semester.


Accounting (three of the following courses)

  • ACCT 5330 – Advanced Accounting
  • ACCT 5331 – Financial Accounting Theory
  • ACCT 5333 – Auditing
  • ACCT 5353 – Federal Tax Concepts for Individuals
  • ACCT 5354 – International Accounting
  • ACCT 5360 – Governmental/Not-for-Profit Accounting
  • ACCT 5362 – Taxation of Business Entities
  • ACCT 5366 – Comparative Accounting Practices
  • ACCT 5393 – Accounting Information Systems
  • ACCT 5395 – Special Topics
  • ACCT 5397 – Forensic Accounting
  • ACCT 5399 – Professional Ethics and Social Responsibility"


  • MBA 5339 – Independent Research
  • MBA 5351 – International Management
  • MBA 5393 – Special Topics
  • ACCT 5399 – Professional Ethics and Social Responsibility

Finance (three of the following courses)

  • FINA 5319 – Investment Theory
  • FINA 5330 – International Finance
  • FINA 5331 – Financial Institutions and Markets
  • FINA 5332 – Bank Management
  • FINA 5333 – Real Estate Investment
  • FINA 5336 – Financial Statement Analysis
  • FINA 5341 – Futures, Swaps, and Options
  • FINA 5346 – Fixed Income Securities
  • FINA 5347 – Behavioral Finance
  • FINA 5348 – Mergers and Acquisitions
  • FINA 5350 – Securities Analysis and Portfolio Management

Students pursuing a finance concentration must take one additional elective of their choice in order to meet the number of total credit hours required for the degree.

Health Care (Texas Women’s University)
Health Care Administration (offered by Texas Woman’s University)

NOTE: Students are strongly advised to begin in the fall semester.

  • HCA 5001 – Health and Disease (prerequisite for those students without a life-science background) – Fall, online, one hour credit
  • HCA 5103 – Foundation of Health Services – Fall, three hours credit
  • HCA 5483 – Epidemiological Methods (HCA 5001 and HCA 5103 are prerequisites for this course) – Spring, three hours credit
  • HCA 5193 – Health Law OR HCA 5633 – Health Policy Analysis – CHOOSE ONE, Summer, three hours credit

Please note that students interested in this concentration must be registered as visiting graduates with Texas Woman’s University. To apply as a visiting graduate student at TWU, please complete the Texas Common Application online, and mark “non-degree” and “TWU/UST concentration.” See the Graduate Program Manager for more details. Also, because of course sequence and scheduling, applicants for the concentration are strongly advised to begin the program in the fall semester, taking HCA 5001 and HCA 5103. They can complete the sequence in the spring semester with HCA 5193, HCA 5483 or HCA 5633.

International Business (three of the following courses)

  • ACCT 5366 – Comparative Accounting Practices
  • FINA 5330 – International Finance
  • MBA 5337 – Human Resource Management
  • MBA 5351 – International Management
  • MBA 5355 – Global Marketing
  • MBA 5366 – Sourcing Management
  • MBA 5367 – Managing and Working in Virtual Teams

Marketing (three of the following courses)

  • MBA 5321 – Marketing Applications and Research
  • MBA 5333 – Seminar in Marketing
  • MBA 5355 – Global Marketing
  • MBA 5360 – E-Business Strategies
  • MBA 5362 – Entrepreneurship
  • MBA 5366 – Sourcing Management

Management Information Systems (three of the following courses)

  • MBA 5358 – Systems Project Management
  • MBA 5360 – E-Business Strategies
  • MBA 5366 – Sourcing Management
  • MBA 5367 – Managing and Working in Virtual Teams
  • MBA 5368 – Systems Analysis and Design
  • MBA 5369 – Data Administration and Database Management
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