About CFC
About the Center
The Center for Faith and Culture is recognized by the Roman Curia Pontifical Council for Culture and is listed in the Pontificium Consilium De Cultura, Catholic Cultural Centres.

The Center for Faith and Culture provides a Master of Arts in Faith and Culture and a Certificate of Faith and Culture as core programs.  This work is supported through the core mission to seek to understand and affect the relationship between the Gospel and the American way of life. Through dialogue, classes, events and seminars, the Center for Faith and Culture bolsters participants to live as faithful citizens of our democratic republic.  Our academic and faith formation programs bring the Catholic voice to the ongoing conversation about the meaning of life, and the liberty and pursuit of happiness we hold in common as Americans.  Additionally, in its activities the Center for Faith and Culture relates the Gospel to various American subcultures including Hispanic/Latino, African-American, Asian-American, and Native-American.

The Center incorporates both theory and practice, with special emphasis on the formation of community leadership who will be empowered to integrate faith and culture through ongoing reflection and action.  We believe holistic spiritual development is at the very core of all cultural development.

Six Pillars of the Center for Faith and Culture:

  • Form community leaders capable of assisting others in learning how to integrate their faith and way of life.  The process incorporates human, spiritual, intellectual and communitarian development of leaders.
  • Provide students and future leaders with a program that incorporates human, spiritual, intellectual and communitarian aspects of development that is in tune to the demands of today’s cultural context.
  • Make dialogue the primary mode of programmatic offerings. 
  • Give attention to theory and practice in our approach to the relationship between faith and culture, especially in areas relating to institutions such as education, marriage and the family, science, economics and law. 
  • Be proactive in ecumenical and inter-religious activities with other Christians and non-Christian religions as we seek to fulfill our common desire to serve one God.
  • Expose participants to the best contemporary thinking on issues related to the ongoing dialogue of faith and culture.
Application Process
Application Process


Application details and deadlines for our master’s and certificate programs.

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Support the Center


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Events & Seminars
Events & Seminars


The Center sponsors seminars and events throughout the year.

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Center for Faith and Culture About CFC
Center for Faith and Culture
The mission of the Center for Faith and Culture is to understand and impact the relationship between the worldview of Catholic faith and the American way of life. Learn more about our Masters program and Certificate program or attend an open house and come meet us.


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