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Environmental Science and Studies


“Educating Environmental Leaders for Tomorrow Today.”

The Environmental Science and Studies program at University of St. Thomas is unique among environmental programs in the United States. While many universities offer programs that study the environment from the perspective of ecology or economics, UST is able to go a step further to explore environmental issues from a moral perspective in light of the Catholic intellectual tradition.

The program educates students as to the moral imperative to care for the earth, especially as advanced by Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI. At the same time, it equips students with the technical skills needed to pursue graduate studies or become entry-level environmental professionals. The program also focuses on urban issues, with opportunities for hands-on field experiences and community service. The University’s location in Houston near Buffalo Bayou, the Houston Arboretum, the ship channel and the Gulf of Mexico presents unique opportunities for environmental training and fieldwork.

Campus activities include:

  • Annual Earth Day lecture focusing on contemporary environmental issues with the mission of promoting interdisciplinary dialogue between science and faith to further the University’s Catholic ecological identity.
  • Environmentally Concerned Organization of Students (ECOS) participates in environmental projects on campus and around Houston.
  • Campus Recycling is a student-run program serving UST.
  • UST Community Vegetable Garden

Environmental Science – Analytical Track, B.S.
Environmental Science – Earth Systems, B.S.
Environmental Science – Earth Systems, Teacher Preparation Track, B.S.
Environmental Studies – Natural Resources, B.A.
Environmental Studies – Sustainable Cities, B.A.

Environmental Studies
Environmental Science 

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Sr. Damien Marie Savino, FSE, Ph.D., Chair

Dr. William M. Harris, Program Director

Dr. William E. Fenner
Mr. Clarence Sirmons

Affiliated Faculty
Professor Rick Young