Gulf Region Academy for Catholic Educators | UST Texas



The GRACE (Gulf Region Academy for Catholic Educators) Program is a unique opportunity for men and women who are recent college graduates and wish to contribute to the lives of young people as a Catholic teacher while earning a Master of Education degree. They will live in community for two years while studying, teaching and strengthening their own personal spirituality.

The program is built upon the three pillars of professional development, community and spirituality. This program is administered in conjunction with the University Consortium for Catholic Education (UCCE)

The benefits of the GRACE Program include a 50 percent scholarship for the tuition costs of the master’s in education, an annual salary as a Catholic schoolteacher, the benefits of full-time employment and low-cost housing. Upon completion of the program, GRACErs will be ready for teacher certification.

If accepted to this prestigious program, a cohort of six members must study on an intensive year-round schedule, maintain a full teaching schedule and live in community. Because of the demands of the program, GRACE teachers must remain unmarried during their two-year commitment.

GRACE Program participants will contribute a portion of their salary toward the cost of administering the program, housing and other expenses incurred on the members’ behalf. Read more in our GRACE Brochure.