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France Study Abroad Program


Study Abroad Program France | Study in France | USTFrom Normandy to the Côte d’Azur, France is an amazing country for study abroad. The French are known for their cuisine, art, culture and history. Paris’ dazzling sites like the Louvre, La Tour Eiffel and Notre Dame are unforgettable. The Loire Valley is home to the great châteux including Chenonceau. In provinces like Bordeaux or Provence, visitors may leisurely take in the local wines or lavender fields.

Institute Catholique D’Etudes Superieures (ICES)

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ICES is located in the Loire region’s La Roche-sur-Yon. The school's mission is to create a spirit of cooperation between teaching staff and students in the acquisition of knowledge and establishment of a personalized partnership with each individual student to help realize his or her professional aim.

Application Process
Your application and the following items must be must be submitted to the Study Abroad Office located in Tiller Hall. 

  • Application Form 
  • 4 passport photos 
  • Copy of passport 
  • Proof of medical insurance 
  • Official academic transcript 
  • Statement of Support 
  • Course Equivalency Form  
         To be filled out and signed by Department chairs 
  • Pre-Arrival Information Form
  • International birth certificate 
  • Evidence of sufficient funds (current minimum 430 € per month) and proof of a grant or guarantor's testimony. This needs to be filled out only if you have no other proof.
  • Please note that students who wish to attend courses at ICES are required to have at least a B1 level of French (or TOEFL IBT 80). 

Students who plan to study at ICES next September are required to attend the orientation week that will take place from the 25th to the 28th of August 2015.

Application Deadlines 

  • June 30th for fall semester.
  • October 30th for Spring semester.
  • Please follow up with the Study Abroad Office located in Tiller Hall. 
  • Please note — With late applications, students risk having insufficient time to obtain student visas and other authorizations. Processing time at embassies can take up to three months.

Courses Being Offered

​​Additional Information for Exchange Students
Study Abroad Testimonials

France Summer 2011 – “I had the pleasure of studying abroad in France this past summer, and no, it wasn’t in the Grand Ville De Paris. It was at the Ecole de Management in Strasbourg, which is nestled on the France’s eastern boarder with Germany. Strasbourg is a very special place, and my experience there was priceless. I went as part of an exchange program, which meant no interaction with familiar professors and classmates. It caused me to interact and live with people I had never met and I learned as much about their cultures as I did about Strasbourg. For a month I was cast into a mixture of students from Croatia, Mexico, Poland, Italy, USA and China.

We spent nights walking in front of Le Grand Catedrale in central Strasbourg, and planned weekend excursions to Paris, Luxembourg and Germany. Saying goodbye to my Strasbourg Family was more difficult than the classes, exams, language barriers and jet lag combined, but we continue to stay in touch and visit each other whenever possible. Strasbourg is an enchanting city and I suggest it to anyone serious about travel and expanding their global perspective. Don’t waste your time anymore reading this, go sign up.” – Bradley Bhasker