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Summer Classes


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Summer Classes

Catch up, get ahead, or get started on your degree with UST’s summer classes. The University of St. Thomas offers a variety of courses during summer sessions for current students and high school students seeking dual credit. Morning, afternoon, evening, Saturday and online classes are available.

If you are a high school student interested in applying for Dual Credit, please visit the Dual Credit page.

Summer Course Offerings at the University of St. Thomas

If you are a current student, a full list of undergraduate and graduate course offerings are listed on the main campus, at the Glassell School of Art or at St. Mary’s Seminary. Read course descriptions and learn about prerequisites in the online undergraduate catalog. Register online today by logging on to myStThom or see your faculty advisor.

Mendenhall Summer Institute

As you get ready to begin your college career at the University of St. Thomas, consider starting early in our summer program – the Mendenhall Summer Institute.  The Mendenhall Summer Institute is a five- week program for a select and limited group of incoming freshmen with proven academic abilities and involvement in co-curricular activities. This program allows students to start their college career early, in addition to having an opportunity to earn a grant for tuition at UST.  Learn more about the Mendenhall Summer Institute.

Summer Study Abroad

Current students can experience another culture and learn in the international community when they sign up for study abroad courses. Study abroad goes beyond the traditional classroom curriculum to expose students to global diversity and encourage students to contemplate their UST experience in a global context. Summer 2016 study abroad destinations include Costa Rica (Biology), Cuba (International Studies and Economics), Mexico (Biology and Psychology) and Rome (Faith and Culture).

Summer-Sault Program

Get ahead this summer by starting classes early!  UST offers classes for students entering college in the fall.  Contact your admissions counselor if you are interested in starting you college career early.

Summer-Sault Classes