Student Government

Student Government

Students in the Student Government OfficeThe Student Government Association of the University of St. Thomas provides a channel of communication between the student body and the members of the Student Organization Committee, the administration and other university organizations.

We are responsible for the allocation, spending and adjustment of the Student Activity Fee.

Officers and Senators

There are five senators per student classification.

Executive Officers

Diego Lagos, President

Hunter Byrne, Vice President

Michael Wagner, Financial Officer

Alex Pirolli, Parliamentarian

Victoria Haddad, Public Relations Director

Michael Oseni, Marketing and IT Director

Akira Mallet, Secretary

Kevin Shaghaghi, Bill Executor

Freshman Senators

Freshman Senators will be voted and inducted into SGA during the first month of school. If you are an incoming freshman and are interested in becoming involved in SGA please email the President.

Sophomore Senators

Dylan Smail

Enrique Garza

Akira Mallet

Lan Vu

Junior Senators

Greg Pirolli

Julian Fuentes

Gabriel Garrido

Hannah Hafely

Matthew Loth

Senior Senators

Aaron Ruff

Ragad Nawaab

Stephanie Canahuati

Kevin Shaghagi

Alex Pirolli

Meeting Schedule

Every Tuesday from 12:30-1:50 p.m. in the CoC Room on the second floor of the Crooker Center.

Our meetings are open to the public, and we encourage all students to attend our meetings to see your elected representatives at work. If you are interested in attending or receiving information about SGA, please contact the president or vice president.