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Alumni Talk Business at CSB Alumni Week
Photo: Aileen McCormick, CEO of West Region at AmerigroupThe University of St. Thomas hosted the 4th annual Cameron School of Business Alumni Week on March 5-10. CSB alumni returned to campus to speak to classes, and alumna Aileen McCormick, CEO of West Region at Amerigroup, presented the keynote address during a luncheon on March 7.

About 22 alumni presented to current undergraduate and graduate students in classes ranging from finance and economics to marketing and management, and spoke about their career experience and business concepts for the class.

Alumna Kelly Bosworth, BBA/MBA ’08, an assurance senior associate at PricewaterhouseCoopers and a CSB Alumni Board member, spoke to a managerial accounting class. She discussed career opportunities available to business majors and what to focus on while they are in school.

“The job markets are changing faster than ever before, so students should be more prepared than ever before,” Bosworth said. “It is never too early to build a network, know the key industries and prepare for the business environment.”

In Bosworth’s third year of speaking to students during Alumni Week, she said she enjoyed visiting the undergraduate class and helping them discover what they might be when they “grow up.”

Photo:  Aileen CSB Alumni “The students had more questions than I expected,” she said. “We spent our time focused on the topics that interested them. They all thanked me after class and several have already contacted me for further guidance. That is the kind of action that sets UST students out from other schools.”

The alumni week activities also included a luncheon with a keynote presentation. Aileen McCormick, who received an MBA in Finance in 1986, shared an insider’s view of managed care in the healthcare industry from the perspective of Amerigroup, a health insurance company that serves state governments.

“Thinking in terms of the education I received at St. Thomas, before it became popular, there were ethics classes,” McCormick said.

McCormick spoke about her company, Amerigroup, which is a leader in serving Medicaid seniors and those with disabilities. She said at first she had a bias against working for a publicly-traded company, but she said many people are drawn to the mission of the company, which provides services under the premise that good quality costs less.

Photo: CSB Alumni Week GroupAmerigroup’s member-centric service model includes home healthcare attendants and a network of community providers, such as meals on wheels, to prevent health care issues and reduce costs from hospital stays and nursing homes, and allow people to continue to live at home.

Because Medicaid spending is the single largest portion of total state expenditures, many state governments facing budget shortfalls are turning to Amerigroup to provide services.

McCormick encouraged business students to consider opportunities in healthcare.

“I didn’t have a healthcare background,” she said, noting that business skills are transferable and students with a great work ethic can get ahead. “If I find someone who’s strong in analytics and eager to learn, healthcare background is a plus, but not required.”

McCormick is a member of the Advisory Board for the Cameron School of Business. She is also on the Board of the Texas Immunization Partnership and is president of the board of the Nature Discovery Center.

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