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Be Safe: Identify Suspicious Packages
Photo: Suspicious packageThe UST safety captains were called into action on April 11 after the campus was evacuated following bomb threats. They were asked to search their areas for suspicious backpacks, brief cases and computer bags. Thankfully, nothing was found.
Regularly be on alert around you work space. Know what is normal and what is not. If you do see or receive a suspicious package, letter or object, do not touch it, tamper with it or move it. Report it to Campus Security immediately at 713-525-3888.

Suspicious Package Characteristics:

Origin — Postmark does not match the city of the return address; name of the sender is unusual or unknown; or no return address given.

Balance — The letter is lopsided or unusually thick or the letter or package seems heavy for its size.

Contents — Stiffness or springiness of contents; protruding wires or components; oily outer wrappings or envelope; or feels like it contains a powdery substance.

Smell — Particularly almond or other suspicious odors.

Writing — Handwriting indicates a foreign style not normally received, cut-and-paste letters or rub on block letters are used. Common words, titles or names are misspelled.
Also, use caution when approaching an unidentified backpack, computer bag, duffle bag, briefcase, etc. The suggestions above for balance, contents and smell will apply to bags, as well. Report any suspicious bags that do not have an owner to Campus Security.

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