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Biology Students Win First Prize in Research Competition
Two University of St. Thomas biology students earned high honors at the Annual Entomological Society of America meeting in San Diego from Dec. 12-15. Adeel Faruki and Duc Lam, junior biology majors won first prize in the President’s Prize research competition.

The students presented their research in a poster entitled, Temperature stress, anti-oxidative enzyme activity and virus acquisition in Bemisia tabaci (Hemiptera: Aleyrodidae). The project is in collaboration with Drs. Cindy McKenzie and Robert Shatters from the USDA Horticulture Laboratory in Fort Pierce, Fla. Dr. Rosie Rosell, Biology Department Chair, is the research director. Faruki and Lam will continue the study, taking the research in a new direction. Upon completion, their research will result in several peer reviewed publications.

Shown above from left to right: Duc Lam and Adeel Faruki

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