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Bon Voyage! Dykman Joins Seafaring Crew

Dr. Charlene Dykman, professor of Management and Marketing in the Cameron School of Business, sets sail to the adventure of a lifetime as she joins a crew of 34 faculty members and 750 students from across the country for the 50th anniversary fall 2013 Semester at Sea.

“It is a testimony to the quality of our programs here at the University of St. Thomas that I was chosen through a highly selective process to join with other faculty from many prestigious institutions to teach in this unique environment,” Dykman said.

The Semester at Sea is a study abroad program sponsored by the University of Virginia. Students and professors, including renowned astronaut and academic dean Kathy Thornton, sail to international destinations for four months, participating in classes and excursions to earn credit for a semester of college. Destinations for the fall 2013 voyage include Russia, Germany, France, Spain, Morocco and Brazil.

Dykman will be teaching courses on International Management and Organizational Behavior.

“I am very excited about this opportunity,” Dykman said. “I look forward to seeing these wonderful places and teaching students through this process. I also expect my students at University of St. Thomas will benefit from all that I learn and that I will be able to share with them when I return.”

UST Educators Teach at Johns Hopkins

Two University of St. Thomas professors were invited to spend two weeks teaching at Johns Hopkins University earlier in July. Dr. Emiliano Gonzalez, director of curriculum and instruction, and Sister Marie Faubert, professor of education, were in Baltimore, Md., from July 5-14.

Dr. Norma Day-Vines, professor of counseling and human services at John Hopkins, invited Gonzalez and Faubert to JHU to share the interdisciplinary work they have done on language and counseling.  Gonzalez taught a course on Diversity and Social Justice for Counselors; Faubert taught a course on Clinical Mental Health Counseling, and together they taught a one-hour course titled Counseling Language Diverse Clients.

“Dr. Gonzalez and I were invited because of our collaboration around issues relevant to native language use in counseling,” Faubert said.

The summer courses taught by Gonzalez and Faubert were part of the JHU School of Education program for graduate students. Gonzalez commented on the similarities between UST and JHU students.

“The students are similar in nature as they want to learn and be the best in their field as shown through their passion and commitment,” Gonzalez said. “I truly appreciate this memorable opportunity and experience extended by Johns Hopkins in working with their graduate students.”

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