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CBE Faculty Spotlight - Corinne M. Oppermann

Corinne M. OppermannCorinne M. Oppermann, RN, MSN served as the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs at the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) School of Nursing in Galveston, is Adjunct Faculty, School of Nursing.

Could you please share with us the role ethics plays in your teaching and research?
 “Ethics has been included not only in the community health course that I currently teach, but also in the nursing leadership and professional role courses that I have taught.  The importance of using ethical principles in nursing practice, education and administration is critical to sound decision-making. In today’s society, there is a saying to “follow the money” in analyzing why certain decisions are made. I wonder what our national culture would be if ethics was the foundation for decision making?”

What classes do you teach that include ethics?
  • NURS: 3354 Holistic Nursing: Caring for the Community  
    This three-credit course (2theory/1clinical) introduces students to the community as the focus for the nursing care and is grounded in the university philosophy that nursing is a healing ministry. The focal point is on core community health knowledge and holistic clinical application with population aggregates. Emphasis is placed on application of the holistic nursing process to assessment of the health needs of the culturally diverse communities and interventions designed to promote healing of communities, particularly for vulnerable and marginalized populations. For example, the relationship between Catholic social teaching and marginalized groups is included.

    The ethical considerations incorporated into this course include: 1) analyzing community health proposals in consideration of ethical principles, 2) formulating ethically sound decisions in partnerships with communities, and 3) evaluating ethical decisions within the context of human needs.

In addition to teaching the newly developed Community Health Nursing Course, Mrs. Oppenheimer consults in the area of enrollment management at the University of St. Thomas (UST) School of Nursing.  The research, grants and publications that relate to Mrs. Oppermann’s work in the community/ public heath arena have been at the local, county and international levels. One example of an international paper/presentation is as follows:

  • Oppermann, C. (2000, October 10-12). Stepping stones for an international research course. VII Pan American Nursing Research Colloquium, PAHO Collaborating Center at the Colombian Associations of Nursing Schools and Colleges (ACOFAEN), the SON at the University of California at San Francisco (UCSF) and the SON at UTMB, Santa Fe de Bogota, D.C., Colombia, South America.

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