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CIS Specialists Talk Foreign Crises

Photo: Dr. Hans StocktonThe University of St. Thomas Center for International Studies will host the event “Crisis Briefing: Three Issue Areas Facing American Leadership” at 6 p.m. on Sept. 20 in Ahern Room, Crooker Center, 3909 Graustark.

As the United States heads into the November elections, multiple immediate and potential crises are emerging in Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and Asia. American national interests are intertwined in each of these issues and have sparked speaking points on the campaign trail.

“The issues and events to be discussed on Thursday have immediate and long-reaching implications for American interests throughout the world,” said Dr. Hans Stockton, CIS director and chair. “They are already intertwined in our own campaign politics and will be front and center on the agenda of the next administration.”

CIS specialists in these areas will address the latest wave of protests and attacks throughout the Middle East and North Africa. Speakers will also discuss China’s leadership transition and tensions between China and Japan over the Senkaku Islands and the Eurozone, which continues to face popular protest and sporadic violence over economic crisis and reform.

CIS speakers will give insight about these unfolding issues in light of the November election and the challenges these issues represent to the United States and short-term scenarios.

The speakers are:

·         Richard Sindelar, assistant professor, is a specialist in
          the Middle East–North Africa and American Foreign Policy.

·         Dr. Hans Stockton, director and chair, is a specialist in
          East Asia politics and security. 

·         Dr. Rogelio Garcia-Contreras, associate professor, is a
          specialist in Europe and economic development.

The event is free and open to the public. Parking is available in the Moran Center Parking Garage for $2. For more information, contact Diana Garcia at or 713-525-3530.

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