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CSB Coaching Helps Students

CSB Coaching TeamCoaching is a practice distinct from managing, training and mentoring. A coach helps to identify the skills and capabilities within the person to enable them to use those skills to the best of their ability. The University of St. Thomas Center for Business Ethics launched The CBE Emerging Leader Coaching Scholarship Program, or ELCSP, this year. Dr. Sue Brown, executive coach at S.J. Brown and Associates, worked with four Master of Business Administration  students for the academic year.

Drew Berg, Jamie Hesterberg, Jeff Kusi-Mensah and Daniel Rodriguez were selected as recipients of this scholarship to receive four one-on-one career/leadership development coaching sessions .The students engage in one-on-one coaching with Dr. Brown to develop stronger skill bases more quickly than if attending training or education programs. By offering an objective environment and a structured focus tailored to their goals, the coaching process gives them a specific plan of action and skill-building strategies.

Dr. Michele Simms, as director of the Center for Business Ethics, seeks ways to invest in the future by developing today’s student leaders.  

“The goal of the ELCSP is to recognize those students who show promise as emerging leaders and provide them with professional coaching to help achieve their potential,” she said. “We have four outstanding MBA students this year who will not only benefit from the coaching but will remain excellent ambassadors for our program. We are fortunate to have them in our program.”   

Dr. Sue BrownBrown, with extensive coaching experience, said the emphasis is to have student’s consider: “’How can the knowledge, skills and experiences of the MBA program be used to launch or enhance my business work,’” Brown said. “Each coaching engagement is an individual and private discussion with the student, because each student has had a slightly different education experience and interest, and is at a different place in his/her work or career.”

Meet the scholarship winners.

Drew BergDrew Berg is concentrating in finance. He plans to continue to work at Enbridge Energy Company, Inc. and build on what he learned at UST with the ultimate goal of being in an executive position in the Energy Industry.  

“After only two meetings with Ms. Brown my experience has been extremely beneficial,” he said. “She focuses on topics that will help you land the career you desire or will help you advance in your current organization. There is no monetary value you can put on this experience, and I greatly appreciate this opportunity.”

Jamie HesterbergJamie Hesterberg, a full-time MBA student and previously a graduate assistant in operations management and supply chain, worked on research for an article on planning and executing manufacturing facilities for a global supply chain. With a concentration in marketing, Hesterberg will reenter the workforce and  pursue a role that incorporates her education and interests.

“Both finance and oil and gas are two areas I am considering,” she said. “Coaching has helped me identify careers that are personally and intellectually fulfilling. It has helped me learn to capitalize on my strengths and form strategies to overcome and compensate for my weaknesses in a professional setting. The coaching has been very meaningful in helping me to slow down and carefully evaluate the decisions I’m making and how they will impact my future, both professionally and personally.” 

Jeff Kusi-MensahJeff Kusi-Mensah, is obtaining an international business concentration and  employed at CVS Caremark.He is developing a   business enterprise group to serve small businesses in event planning, a clothing line and marketing management.

“I have already made small strides.  It is time to increase the scale and step out on faith   in order to turn hobbies into a business enterprise and lifestyle changes,” Kusi-Mensah said.

Daniel RodriguezDaniel Rodriguez, who works at Cintas Fire Protection and is concentrating on finance, will pursue his goal of becoming a CEO of a major corporation. He said the sessions have helped him develop a plan to reach that goal.

“I have already utilized the coaching sessions to help me transition my leadership style through two promotions,” he said. “I plan to continue the focus on self-awareness and emotional intelligence so as to become the leader of choice for the next regional business director position.”

He said each coaching session is a crucial conversation that serves as a model for the type of conversations he should have with his partners.

“Prior to any conversation at work I now ask myself, ‘What do I really want for myself?,’ ‘What do I really want for others?,’" and "What do I really want for the relationship?" This habit has significantly improved my leadership effectiveness, especially now that I am overseeing an acquisition.”

All MBA/MSA students are welcome to apply to the ELSCP. The application deadline is May 15. For more information, contact Simms at or call 713-942-5918.

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