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CSB Manages Internships in UST Connect for Career Success

Demian Duran, a BBA/MBA student in the University of St. Thomas Cameron School of Business, gained hands-on experience in tax accounting during an internship last spring. He practiced collecting, scanning, organizing and filing taxes for clients of UHY Advisors, a certified public accounting firm.

Although an internship is not a requirement, it’s recommended for his degree and he received credit for a graduate accounting elective course in his MBA program. The Cameron School believes internships give students an edge in the job search.

“In a very competitive environment, organizations like to take on the proven candidate,” Dr. Beena George, dean of CSB, said. “The internships gives students an opportunity to show what they can do. We often see students get jobs where they did internships.”

To streamline the process of internship and job searches, Cameron School of Business cooperated with the Career Services and Testing Center to manage all internships through UST Connect, a database of jobs and internships. Now, instead of finding and completing an internship only through CSB, the internship is tracked through UST Connect. Once completed, the student, professor and employer all complete surveys.

George said because the internship is supervised by a faculty member along with the employer, it can also provide faculty with input on what skills the industry needs from employees it hires.

The Career Services and Testing Center provides a wide variety of job openings and internships through UST Connect system especially in accounting, communications, marketing and social media. Business students take advantage of internships with top firms such as Halliburton, PwC and BNY Mellon, as well as smaller firms and non-profits.

UST Connect provides many benefits to the Career Services office: they can track internships by knowing which employers hire UST students and then build relationships with them so they can return to hire more UST interns in the future.

“Our partnership’s goal is to help students in their transition from college to career,” said Lindsay Jackson, director of Career Services and Testing Center. “We are giving students the opportunity to prepare for their internships or careers after graduation.”

Career Services can also help connect students with internship opportunities. For instance, Duran’s resume was on file from a previous on-campus interview in Career Services. Jackson knew a CPA firm was looking for interns to join their spring internship program, and she encouraged him to apply. He did and was accepted.

“This internship has prepared me for the job search in many ways,” Duran said. “Now I know better what will be expected of me as an employee in the future, so I am not as worried about the unknown as I was before participating in this internship. In addition, my mistakes helped me learn what not to do in future jobs, and my performance evaluations showed me what I need to work on to succeed in my accounting career.”

By Marwa Abdou

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