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Coscio Presents on Bilingual Drama in Colombia

Dr. Elizabeth Coscio, associate professor and chair of the Modern and Classical Languages Department, presented her paper titled, “Nineteenth Century Bilingual Drama: Lafayette in Mount Vernon,” at the annual conference of the International Congress on Hispanic Literature, which was held on March 12-14 in Colombia.

Coscio‘s paper was selected for the section titled, “El teatro español de la Edad de Plata,” which means the Spanish Theater of the Silver Age. The paper involved using historical research to track literary works by a 19th century Spaniard, Felix Mexía, who published a bilingual version of a very American drama “Lafayette in Mount Vernon.”

Coscio said that three different areas of interest – censorship, exile identity and romantic theory – are involved in this drama and reveal the real meaning of it by way of political allegory.

The conference provided an opportunity for scholars to share research in all of the areas of Hispanic studies including film, the plastic arts and literature through addressing different issues, such as history and historiography, modernism and post modernism, feminist theory and practice, as well as Spanish teaching topics.

In addition, Coscio published a book titled, “Dramatic Political Allegory of Spanish Exile: Felix Mexía,” which is a part of series called Refugees from the Inquisition. Coscio is past president of the South Central Modern Language Association. Coscio also serves as sponsor for Sigma Delta Pi Spanish Honor Society at UST.

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