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Cullen Trust for Health Care Commits $2 Million for Nursing

The Cullen Trust for Health Care has committed a $2 million grant to the University of St. Thomas in Houston to establish the Cullen Trust for Health Care Nursing Endowed Chair.

The University of St. Thomas is planning to reopen its School of Nursing to address the growing shortage of nurses nationwide. Following approval by the UST Board of Directors and accreditation by the Texas Board of Nursing, the University expects to begin offering a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree and enrolling the first class of nursing students in the fall of 2012.

“In awarding the Nursing Chair grant, the Cullen Trust for Health Care commends the University of St. Thomas for addressing the nursing shortage,” said Cullen Trust for Health Care Board Chair Beth Robertson.

University of St. Thomas President Dr. Robert Ivany said this outstanding commitment by Cullen Trust will help the University attract first-class faculty members who will offer students a quality nursing degree program.

“Preparing students for nursing as a healing ministry complements UST’s unique mission. As a faith-based institution, located only minutes from the Texas Medical Center and other hospitals and clinics, we can provide highly educated and inspired nurses who are in such great demand. This grant further strengthens our expanding relationship with the medical community,” Ivany said.

After much study and the initial gift of $2.5 million from Carol and Odis Peavy, the University of St. Thomas began the process to reopen its School of Nursing. With an objective of securing six fully endowed chairs, the Cullen Trust for Health Care is the fourth $2 million endowed chair for nursing established at the University of St. Thomas. The nursing program has also garnered a $3.25 million Title V grant from the Department of Education to develop a state-of-the-art Nursing Simulation Center, and provides scholarship funds to attract Hispanic and other low-income students to the BSN degree program.

Shown above: Cullen Trust For Health Care Trustees Gibb Walton, Nancy Gordon, Melinda Perrin; Beth Robertson, Chair of the Cullen Trust for Health Care; UST biology professor Dr. Rosie Rosell.

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