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Davis Brings Analytics Conference to Houston

Charles K DavisDr. Charles K Davis, Cameron Endowed Chair in Management and Marketing at University of St. Thomas, has been designated as conference chair for the 2014 International Conference on Business Analytics, sponsored by the Association for Computing Machinery, which will be held in Houston on Oct. 8 and 9.

This conference will address business analytics techniques and software tools to support complex big data analytical processes. It will also discuss how business analytics impacts and changes business organizations and their competitive situations.

“This is a major international conference,” Davis said. “It promises to be an excellent opportunity to network and exchange ideas among leading researchers in the critical and rapidly developing field of Big Data Analytics that is increasingly impacting every aspect of modern  business practice s.”

The Association for Computing Machinery, a leading organization for computer professionals, both academic and practitioner, chose Davis as the general conference chair based on the research he conducted at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on business analytics last year.

“My goal in developing this conference is to bring leading researchers in this new field to Houston and to help develop business analytics as an emerging academic discipline,” Davis said.

Davis wrote an article “Beyond Data and Analysis: Why Business Analytics and Big Data really matter for modern business organizations,” which was submitted to the prestigeous journal, the “Communications of the ACM” and has been accepted for publication.

The ACM organization is offering this conference for the first time and plans to establish a special interest group, or SIG, in business analytics that will continue to offer the conference in the future. This organization currently includes 37 SIGs; each focuses on a particular aspect of computing and networking technology or management.

Davis developed a model curriculum for a Master of Science in Business Analytics. He and co-author Dr. Charlene Dykman, professor of management information systems at UST, wrote an article, “Toward a Model curriculum for the Master of Science in Business Analytics.”

“I presented this article at the Big Data Analytics Education Conference sponsored by IBM, Syracuse University and the University of Ottawa in November 2013,” Davis said. “This article was included in the proceedings for that conference.”

Davis is a data scientist, an authority on the use of the information technology in business with extensive academic and corporate backgrounds in developing, managing and auditing information technologies. He has held numerous technical and managerial positions with leading industrial firms. He has a Ph.D. in management information systems and quantitative management science from the University of Houston, an MBA in management and international business from Columbia University, a Master of Arts in Teaching in mathematics from Harvard University and a bachelor’s in applied mathematics from Oklahoma State University. 

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