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Education Introduces New BA/MA

In an initiative to train teachers for both public and private middle and high schools, the University of St. Thomas School of Education announces the new five-year Bachelor of Arts/Master of Arts program.

The new program, in addition to providing students with a liberal arts degree in composite science, math, language arts or social sciences, will focus on an in-depth preparation, during the fifth year, for effective teaching in middle or high school to earn a Master of Arts in Teaching.

“This innovative program, which prepares highly-qualified teacher for inner city schools, will provide the knowledge and skills to assure teacher effectiveness and a high level of student learning,” said Dr. Nora Hutto, dean of the School of Education.

The five-year BA/MA program will attract current and future students who have a passion for their course of study and who also want to pursue teaching. A minor in theology is also available to students interested in teaching in parochial schools.

The School of Education and the School of Arts and Sciences will begin to recruit students in spring 2013 for the program in summer 2013.

For more information about the BA/MA, contact Dr. Jean Kiekel, advisor for 5th Year Masters and Secondary Education, at 713-525-3553 or

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