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Education Recognizes Scholars, Gives Awards

The School of Education held its Annual Recognition Dinner to honor its best and brightest students with scholarships and awards on May 15 at Scanlan Room, Jerabeck Center.  Dr. Dominic Aquila, the guest speaker, gave encouraging words to the students about their future.

GRACE Graduates

Before the dinner, the Rev. Michael Buentello, CSB, officiated the GRACE Commissioning Mass at the Chapel of St. Basil for the graduates of the Gulf Region Academy for Catholic Educators program.

The graduating GRACE students are Ruth Bernay, Steven Cummings, Jacob Ramirez, Catlyn Ream and Sonny Vo.

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Scholarship Recipients:

  • School of Education Annual Scholarship - Undergraduate
    Jenni Banh, Virginia Hernandez, Allison Milam, Shirley Olivares and Audra Vaello.
  • Strudler Family Scholarship
    Danielle Barr, Carmen Tasaka, and Isabel Torras.
  • The Ellen and Scipio de Kanter Dual Language Teacher Preparation Scholarship
    Virginia Hernandez
  • Robert Lee Frost Scholarship in Secondary Education
    Lauren Chaney
  • Fondren Foundation Scholarship
    Liliana Gonzalez
  • Kappa Delta Pi/Anna Dewald Scholarship Fund for Education
    Members Amy Ryan Poerschke and Consuelo Yamaguchi-Mayorquin
  • Mary Jean Lantz Memorial Scholarship
    Valiza Monroe
  • Rev. Dennis Andrews, CSB, Graduate Scholarship for Catholic Educators
    Blanca Correa
  • School of Education Annual Scholarship - Graduate
    Katrina Tulod
  • Tenneco Teacher Education Scholarship Fund
    Mayra Izaguirre and Sandra Tapia Rojas


  • Independent Colleges and Universities of Texas Pre-service Educator of the Year Award
    Meleesa Halling
  • University of St. Thomas School of Education Outstanding Graduate
    Meredith Smith
  • Distinguished Action Research Study Award
    Jamie Alam, Jessie Crandall, Edwin Crooks, Leticia Oseguera, Trevor Woolley and Deborah Zubia

Student Teachers:

The mentors and university supervisors came and supported the student teachers who taught in classrooms during 2013-2014. Student teachers were Gerardo Alanis, Danielle Barr, Carlie Bejarano, Patricia Bonnin, Lisette Cruz, Lauren Curley, Jacquelyn Distefano, Karina Flores, Meleesa Halling, Annemarie Howard, Jennifer Maldonado, Blanca Ontiveros, Mary Patton, Stephanie Paz, Meredith Smith, Janie Solis, Samantha Stankavich, Sarah Tamayo, Ana Torrents-Nomani, Cristina Villagomez and Peggy Wallace.

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