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Evans, Stockton Named Associate Deans for Arts and Sciences

The Rev. Joseph Pilsner, dean of the School of Arts and Sciences, announced Dr. Chris Evans, department chair of theology, and Dr. Hans Stockton, director and academic chair of the Center for International Studies, as new associate deans for the school.

In their new roles as associate deans, Dr. Evans will have special responsibility for Arts and Humanities disciplines, while Dr. Stockton will be serving the Social and Behavioral Sciences.  Dr. John Starner, the current associate dean, will be attending to the Natural Sciences and Math/Computer Science/Cooperative Engineering.

Fr. Pilsner said that he is confident Evans and Stockton will be assets to Arts and Sciences.

“I am very happy that Dr. Evans and Dr. Stockton have stepped forward to serve in the role of Associate Dean,” Fr. Pilsner said. “I have enjoyed working with both previously, Dr. Evans as Chair of the Theology Department and Dr. Stockton as Director of the Center for International Studies.  I am confident that both of them will serve the faculty and students in Arts and Sciences competently and generously.”

Evans has been teaching in the University’s theology department since 2007 and has served as the department chair since 2011. In addition to his years of teaching and service, Evans' work focuses on early scholastic and monastic theology in the 12th century, and has published studies, English translations and Latin critical editions of influential theologians. He said he looks forward “to working with chairs and faculty in order to understand their achievements and concerns and to promote their success as teachers, scholars and members of the university community.”

Stockton began teaching at the University as an assistant professor in 2002. He has served as the Director of the Study Abroad Program from 2001-2008 and held positions as Vice Chair, Chair and Past Chair of the University’s Faculty Council from 2010-2012. Most recently, he has served as the Director and Academic Chair of the Center for International Studies since 2009. Stockton’s areas of research and publication include democratization, electoral systems, and security issues in East Asia, with a focus on Taiwan, South Korea and the People’s Republic of China.

Stockton said he is committed to furthering UST’s mission.

“My service in this position is motivated by my desire to help friends and colleagues in the Arts & Sciences, but also throughout the University,” Stockton said. “Team work, self-sacrifice, and commitment to the educational mission of the UST were hallmarks of UST when I was first hired, and are just as important now as then.”

By Elaine Rivera

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