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Havens Writes ‘Funny Thing About Ghosts’ Comedy

A new comedy play, “Funny Thing about Ghosts,” has been released recently by Sam Havens, drama professor emeritus at University of St. Thomas, where he taught playwriting and screenwriting for 44 years.

This comedy is about Kenny and Janelle, a married couple who decided to spend the night in the haunted Gottlieb Mansion to become the new owners. Consuela Gottlieb, an evil owner of the mansion, has other plans, while the ghosts are trying to get the key to their spirit home.

“With a group hug at the end, this witty comedy is sure to keep the audience laughing,” Havens said. “I was influenced in the writing of this comedy by those crazy comedies such as ‘Hold That Ghost’ with Abbott and Costello, ‘Ghost Breakers’ with Bob Hope, and Mel Brooks’ ‘Young Frankenstein.’ Lots of word humor and physical gags.” He said.

Havens has completed 25 plays and one novel. His plays have been produced in the United States, Canada and Australia. He received awards and playwriting grants from the Ford Foundation and Texas Commission on Arts and Humanities. He also performs voice-over narration for radio, TV commercials and industrial films.

“My plays have won productions in several new play festivals,” Havens said.

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