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Meet the Capital Campaign Chair David Harvey

Meet the Capital Campaign Chair David Harvey“These are exciting times for the University of St. Thomas to emerge and be recognized for its many great programs, people and accomplishments,” David Harvey, chair of the University of St. Thomas Capital Campaign, said. “Great things are happening at the University, and we are privileged to be a part of it.”  

As CEO and Chairman of D.E. Harvey Builders, David Harvey understands the value of building a solid foundation. His family company has built homes that have strengthened families and communities in Houston for more than 50 years. Harvey also recognizes that strong schools provide the foundations for strong communities.  

As a marathon runner, Harvey has learned how to stay focused on the road ahead. His runner’s mindset has influenced his philanthropic vision, so he invests his time and support in organizations of faith and education, which ultimately yield the greatest benefits. That’s why Harvey has chosen to lend his time and support to lead the University of St. Thomas capital campaign.

Harvey’s commitment to his faith and the advancement of education is evident in his community involvement. He joined the St. Thomas Board of Directors in 2007 and currently serves as vice chair. Harvey’s generous contributions enabled the University to introduce the Gulf Region Academy for Catholic Education (GRACE), which enables students to earn a Master of Education while living in community and teaching in Archdiocesan Catholic schools.  

He is a current board member of Catholic Charities, Houston Architectural Foundation and Cristo Rey High School. He serves on the Strake Jesuit College Preparatory Task Force Committee and is a founding/charter member of Legatus Houston.

He joined the family company in 1977 after attending Notre Dame where he studied architecture, and the University of Colorado where he received a bachelor’s degree in architectural engineering. He assumed the presidency of the company in 1986. Under his leadership, D.E. Harvey Builders was named No. 1 General Contractor in the Houston Business Journal in 2001 and from 2006 to 2009.  

 “Houston needs the University of St. Thomas,” Harvey said. “We are educating our future: future employees, nurses, teachers and business leaders. St. Thomas students are educated with the specific skill sets for their professions/careers, but they also receive a well-rounded, liberal arts education that educates all aspects of the student. This unique brand of education produces individuals of faith and character.”  

Harvey said his roots in the community make him ideally suited to lead the capital campaign.  

“I can be particularly effective in fundraising because of my connection to the Houston community as a local,” Harvey said. “I grew up here; I run a business here; I am raising my family here, and I am highly engaged.”  

Stan Marek, president and CEO of Marek Family Companies, one of the largest interior contractor companies in the Southwest, is one of Harvey’s life-long friends.  

“I have known David since he was a six-year-old boy following his dad around the fishing ponds at what is now the Circle Lake Retreat Center,” Marek said. “I’ve watched David grow within his company and in this community. I can assure you, he has worked hard and ethically in every endeavor he undertakes – and nothing came easy. David has met every challenge with determination and faith.”  

Marek gives high praise for Harvey’s leadership and outstanding dedication to his family, employees and community.  

“David is methodical, considerate and passionate when it comes to the projects his firm builds. His employees know him as a man that expects the best of every team member,” Marek said. “And they know he cares about them personally as well as their role in the company. How David finds the time to be involved in all of his non-profit activities is beyond me.”

“When it comes to family, I’ve never seen anyone more devoted,” Marek said. “He was a wonderful support to his dad, in life and during his illness. His mom enjoys his consistent attention and looks on his accomplishments with great pride. His many brothers and sisters are very close and enjoy David’s support and leadership. And last but not least, his wife, Mikki, and five children are the greatest joy in his life.”

Jeffrey Hildebrand, founder, chair and CEO of Hilcorp Energy Corporation, has known Harvey since high school, and they serve together on the Catholic Charities board. He pointed out Harvey’s numerous qualities which exemplify a leader of faith and character.

 “Over the years, David has been a man of faith, intellect and focus in his personal and business endeavors,” Hildebrand said. “He is a great family man. His generosity with both time and resources is admirable. David has made Houston a better place. His accomplishments will shape our city for many generations to come.”

Capital Campaign Cabinet


David Harvey


Dr. Robert Ivany

Vice Chairs:

Cora Sue Mach
Harry Mach
Stan Marek
David McClanahan
Patrick Moran
Raye White
Fred Zeidman

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