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Nunemaker to Perform in Chicago
Photo: Richard NunemakerUniversity of St. Thomas clarinet professor Richard Nunemaker will appear in Chicago to perform and record selections by Chicago composer Janice Misurell-Mitchell. Nunemaker will be in Chicago from Oct. 15–21.
UST professor Nunemaker will perform “Profaning the Sacred” for flute, alto flute, clarinet and bass clarinet presented by the CUBE’s Contemporary Chamber Ensemble at the University of Chicago’s Fulton Recital Hall on Oct. 21. He will also record Mitchell’s “Deconstruction Blues” for bass clarinet and Hammond B3 organ with BelAir Sound Studios earlier in the week. Mitchell plans to release the recording in 2013.
Nunemaker has performed and recorded compositions by Mitchell before.
“I had the opportunity to perform Ms. Mitchell's ‘Transfusions’ for small chamber ensemble. I was so enthralled with her music, I asked at the time if she had any other music that I might perform,” Nunemaker said. “I am thrilled to have to opportunity to perform ‘Profaning the Sacred’ and to do a premiere recording of Ms. Mitchell's ‘Deconstruction Blues.’”
In addition to teaching clarinet at UST, Nunemaker is a symphony musician, concert soloist, recording artist, producer, educator and author. He played clarinet, bass clarinet and saxophone with the Houston Symphony Orchestra from 1967-2008.
For more information on Nunemaker’s clarinet studio contact Richard Nunemaker at 713-248-8894. For information on UST’s music program, contact the program chair Dr. Glenn R. Garrido at

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