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Practice Personal Safety on Campus

Accidents and petty crimes happen all across the country on college campuses. Stay safe on campus and prevent an incident happening to you with these 10 tips from the Office of Emergency and Safety Services:

  1. Always be alert. Keep your head up; be aware of your surroundings and others around you; and don’t be caught by surprise.
  2. Know the phone number for Campus Security (713-525-3888). Program the number into your cell phone and on-campus phone. Update your contact information in myStThom to receive all urgent campus notifications through UST Alerts.
  3. Know the street address of the building for your office and any teaching classrooms. If you call 9-1-1, you’ll need to provide the address for the emergency.
  4. Lock your vehicle. Do not display personal items on the seats or floor that might interest a thief. Hold your keys when approaching your vehicle to get in quickly, especially at night.
  5. Learn the locations of the blue light emergency phones. See a map. Take a look around campus and know where the phones are located on your most traveled route.
  6. Carry a whistle or other type of alarm so you can quickly – and loudly – grab someone’s attention in case of an emergency.
  7. Attend a self-defense class. Learn what parts of the body to aim kicks and punches at to fight off an attacker. These skills will help you wherever you are.
  8. Know the emergency exits out of the building for your office and any teaching classrooms. Know the UST Safety Captains in the buildings where you spend most of your time on campus. See a list in mySThom. Follow the directions of a Safety Captain in an emergency situation.
  9. Walk on well-lit paths at night. Avoid deserted parts of campus at night. Walk with a colleague if possible. Call Campus Security for an escort from your office or classroom to your vehicle.
  10. If you see anything or anyone suspicious, don’t hesitate to call Campus Security, 713-525-3888.


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