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President Recognizes Tom Overton Staff Excellence Award Recipients
The University of St. Thomas has recognized seven staff members with the Tom Overton Staff Excellence Award for their outstanding performance on the job.

The award was named for the late Tom Overton, former director of Public Affairs at UST from 2001 until his untimely death in 2007. President Robert Ivany declared the staff excellence award be named after Tom Overton because he was a man of honor, good humor and an excellent attitude, who exemplified UST’s core values of goodness, discipline and knowledge.

This year’s recipients are Janice Adamson, Director of Sponsored Research; Sue Bradford, Executive Director of Institutional Advancement; Holly Graham, Payroll and Human Resources Administrator; Natalie Haskell; Systems Analyst; Brenda Hidalgo, Accounts Payable Assistant; Lynda McKendree, Dean of Scholarships and Financial Aid and Matt Prasifka, Assistant Vice President of Campus Life.

The recipients were recognized at a luncheon on August 31. Tom’s wife, Judy Overton, and his son, Matt, were present at the luncheon.

“These award recipients represent a diverse group of individuals who have contributed significantly to the UST community through their hard work and excellent attitude,” UST President Dr. Ivany said.

“We are grateful to have their leadership. We congratulate the award recipients, and thank them for their ongoing service to our University community.”

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