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Professor Inspires Library Collection
Photo: Dr. Lee WilliamesDr. Lee Williames, chair of the UST Department of History, has aided David Theis, president and CEO of the Houston-based Leading Edge Turbine Technologies, in the creation of the “Dr. Lee Williames-David Theis MLA Collection” in Doherty Library. Theis earned a Master in Liberal Arts degree with a concentration in history from UST in 2009. The Collection was donated to honor his mentor, Williames, for his work with students.
In a letter to Theis to keep him apprised of the progress, Williames outlines the importance of this collection, which includes primary-source documents, important works and documentaries on Russia and Eurasia. He said he is proud and thankful that elements of the collection are available online and accessible through the Internet, which will also aid scholars in the larger academic community.
“The concept for the collection has been to expand the resources available at the University for the study of Russia and Eurasia in English and to facilitate student and faculty research,” Williames said. “David, thank you for your gift and we look forward to the next installment in your 10-year planned gift to continue this exciting improvement to our research capability on many levels.”

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