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Scholarships & Financial Aid Make UST Affordable
As the cost of higher education continues to increase across the nation, The University of St. Thomas remains committed to providing an accessible and affordable private, liberal arts education to all students. All students who apply for admission to UST are automatically considered for merit scholarships (these are based on SAT or ACT test scores and high school grade point average.)

“Last year more than 80 percent of our freshmen students received financial assistance,” said UST President Dr Robert Ivany. “These aid packages allow many more deserving students to benefit from a St Thomas education.”

To meet growing student financial need, UST has recently increased the financial aid budget to award larger scholarships to more students. The UST Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid partners with students and their families to explore all types of financial assistance available including university scholarships, grants, work-study, student loans and flexible payment plans. The UST website home page also features the “Celt Cost Calculator,” where students can calculate an estimated financial aid package.

“At UST, I’ve been able to better myself in so many different ways, and I wouldn’t be able to do that without the generous financial aid and scholarships I have received,” said Helen Rios, a senior drama major. She will be the first person in her family to graduate from college.

With six children in her family, 2009 graduate Michelle Shannahan worked hard to excel academically and subsidize her education with scholarships, financial aid, part-time jobs and loans, which she paid off less than a year after graduation.

“With good grades, I was able to get a lot of scholarships, not only from UST, but from a number of outside sources. I qualified for financial aid and the little that was left, I took out student loans,” she said. “Working in Admissions after graduation, I was able to pay off all my student loans. It was very comforting to go into grad school with no undergraduate debt.

“Your college education is one of the biggest investments you can make,” she said. “If you get into tough financial times, someone can always come repossess your home or your car, but they can’t take away your education.”

For more information, visit or call the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid at 713-525-2170.

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