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Society of Macrina Hosts First Women’s Conference

The Society of Macrina will host its first women’s conference, “Love and Relationships: A Woman’s Perspective,” on Saturday, May 3. Featured speakers include Dr. Elizabeth Maynard, Dr. Ted Rebard, Marianne Ivany, Mollie Osborne, Elizabeth Evans and many more from the University of St. Thomas and Houston community.

The conference will offer a first-hand, real-world look at dating and the married life and how to create healthy, committed and loving relationships. Some topics that will be addressed are what boundaries should be maintained during dating, how to prioritize the relationships that matter in your life and concrete ways to strengthen your relationship with your spouse.

The Society of Macrina is an on-campus organization and is committed to promoting the well-being of women through fostering a supportive and encouraging community, while promoting a life of faith and virtue.

This conference is part of a series of events the Society of Macrina has hosted this year to help women develop the confidence and skills that set them up for a lifetime of success, service and personal fulfillment. Other events the organization has offered include fitness classes, spiritual talks, an Endow discussion group on St. John Paul’s “Letter to Women,” natural family planning classes and other social events.

The conference is sponsored by the UST Council of Clubs and will be held in the Crooker Center from 9:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m.  The public and all women are invited.  Admission is $5. Registration can be completed at the door or online at

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