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Students Impress at Southwest Conference on International Studies

Eight UST students writing their senior thesis capstone papers in international studies and international development won over scholars during their panel presentations. The students presented research at the Southwest International Studies Association (SISA) meeting of the Southwest Social Science Association conference in San Antonio.

One scholar from the University of California Irvine did not realize that the Center for International Studies panel he attended was composed entirely of undergraduate students until the Q&A session. Another scholar from the University of Colorado at Boulder noted that the CIS presentations were better than many of the professional papers he had heard earlier in the day. 

“SISA participation is the capstone experience for international studies and international development majors at UST,” said Dr. Hans Stockton, the Center director. “Our students present to scholars from across the region and must be confident, authoritative, and ready for any questions about their subject, theory, method, and analysis.”

The CIS received a special acknowledgement during the business meeting of the SISA at which the outgoing president reaffirmed the fine scholarly contributions made by UST students and challenged other members of the organization to develop their own programs in undergraduate research on the CIS model.

More than 1,000 scholars from across social science disciplines attended the conference, April 18 – 19. This year marked the 14th year that Center for International Studies undergraduates have participated in the SISA conference and, once again, were the largest contingent of undergraduate scholars at the meeting. 

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