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Support Celts for Life at Fundraising Banquet

Support the pro-life mission at the University of St. Thomas during the 2nd annual Celts for Life fundraising banquet. The banquet, aimed at helping the Celts for Life witness for life at the March for Life in Washington, D.C., will be held on Sunday, March 23, 2014 from 5:30 -8 p.m. in Scanlan Room, Jerabeck Center, 4000 Mt. Vernon St.

The banquet will feature a home-cooked dinner of chicken saltimbocca with salad and dessert, served by student waiters and waitresses, who are members of the Celts for Life club. Additional activities include a silent auction, with proceeds going to the annual March for Life and a well-known speaker from the pro-life movement, secretary Katherine Wojtyna said.

“The purpose of the banquet is to fundraise and grow in support for the Celts for Life to continue the fight for the protection and acknowledgement of the dignity of every human life,” Wojtyna said. “Ultimately all pro-life efforts are important, but Celts for Life is especially important because college students are the face of the future for upholding human dignity.” 


Celts for Life began as a student on-campus initiative in 2008. Members host and attend several activities on and off campus such as Friday prayer and college day outside Planned Parenthood, the annual March for Life, fetal development day, pro-life panels and speakers and volunteering in the community.

The banquet is open to anyone who would like to support the Celts for Life. For those who would like to attend, the cost is $35 per seat or $275 per table with eight seats. To RSVP, contact Sister Damien Marie Savino at Checks and donations can be sent to Sister Savino at the University of St. Thomas, 3800 Montrose Blvd. Houston Texas 77006

For more information, contact Katherine Wojtyna at 281-902-7064.

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