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Teach for America Students Receive Scholarships

Daniel Johnson and Katherine Curren, two Teach for America students at University of St. Thomas, each received a $2,500 scholarship from the School of Education for their academic excellence.

The School of Education cooperates with the Teach for America program to offer a tailored Masters of Education program for 24 current TFA corps members. The program is a combination of online and in-person classes. It also allows the graduate students to receive some course credit for classes they took as a part of their TFA training.

Daniel Johnson

Johnson said that the School of Education provides an affordable hybrid Master of Education degree opportunity for TFA corps members who wish to pursue leadership opportunities in education.

Johnson is a current corps member at TFA. He spent six weeks of training at Teach for America institute in summer 2012, and then he began his career as a teacher in KIPP Houston public schools. In addition to his teaching responsibilities, he has been leading a team of four teachers in curriculum, planning, coaching and operations.

“The degree that I am pursuing at UST has greatly increased my theoretical and pedagogical knowledge of education,” Johnson said. “Therefore, as I have transitioned into a leadership role on my campus, I have been able to constantly draw on my studies when making leadership decisions.”

Katherine Curren

Curren is a high school chemistry teacher and a current corps member at TFA. She said her students are bright and hardworking. Her class is abstract calculations and concepts; Curren continuously works to pave the road for them to be successful in college.

“My master’s program at UST helps me learn about the way effective curriculum is developed and the role of the administrator on campus,” Curren said.

The Teach for America program aims to leverage the education level in the low-income communities across the country. It recruits a variety of professional leaders who work tirelessly as teachers to eliminate educational inequity and achieve an excellent education.

“TFA is a non-profit program that recruits high achieving college graduates and professionals to commit to two years of teaching in traditionally underserved urban and rural schools across the United States,” Johnson said. 

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