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Testimonial of a Student Phishing Scam Victim
October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month. All month, the UST IT Department is reminding the campus community to be on alert for cyber security threats such as phishing. UST IT will never ask for a username or password, especially through an e-mail message. The following is an anonymous student testimonial about compromised e-mail:

“If I had known that UST will never ask for my username or password via e-mail, it would have saved me a lot of headache and wasted time. I fell for a phishing scam, and hackers used my account to send out hundreds of spam messages to people I don’t even know. Thankfully, the IT Department caught it before it sent out thousands!

“Not knowing what had happened to my account, I went a few days without access to my emails. I couldn’t send out e-mails to professors about classwork and I couldn’t read e-mails I was waiting responses for. It was such a headache.

“Even after days my account was compromised, I kept getting responses from people whom I had spammed. It was quite annoying.

“Lesson learned.”

Visit for more information about cyber security.

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