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The Beans Band Releases First Album

The BeansThe Beans, a band formed by current and former students of the University of St. Thomas, is preparing to release its first album on Dec. 29 at Fitzgerald’s, 2703 White Oak Dr.

The Beans members began writing for their self-titled album two years ago. The recording process began early in February and consisted of scheduling issues, self-doubt and second guessing.

“It has been a long, exciting, exhausting and fun experience,” band member Daniel Taylor said. “When I started to hear our artistic vision coming together and how good it sounded, everything else was blocked out. I just felt giddy and joyous.”

The band is heavily influenced by artists like Bob Dylan, Tommy McClennan and Charles Mingus. They have inspired tracks on the album such as ‘Wabasha,’ ‘Whiskey Headed Women’ and ‘Devil Woman,’ respectively. Other influences include Junior Kimbrough, Townes Van Zandt and Jimi Hendrix. They give the album a brooding quality overall, Taylor said.

The band is made up of drummer Brendan Hall ’10, bassist Taylor ’10, guitarist and international studies major Christian Galatoire and guitarist and vocalist Sam Griffin. The group has been writing and performing together since early 2011, after Hall and Taylor met as active members of the University’s Jazz Ensemble. They have since recorded a demo and gained popularity in the local music scene.

The Beans Album“We started jamming in Cullen Hall on weekends before we had our own rehearsal space,” Galatoire said.

The band has performed both on campus and in many local music venues. In 2011, the band was nominated for “Best New Act” in the Houston Press music awards. Members of the band were also nominated for best drummer and best bassist awards.

“One of the real benefits of waiting so long to record our first album is that we really gave ourselves time to develop as a band – for our ideas to take a clearer and more focused shape, which I believe makes the product substantially better,” Taylor said. “A couple of the other songs that are on the album we wrote literally a couple of weeks before we started recording and had only practiced a handful of times, which I think is very rock and roll of us.”

At the album release, The Beans will be playing along with The Journey Agents. For more information, visit their Facebook page.

Story by Nicole Meza and Vivian Cabrera, communication students


Pictured (left to right): Daniel Taylor, Sam Griffin, Christian Galatoire, Brendan Hall

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