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The Bottom of the Cup Premieres at UST

Graphic: Bottom fo the CupParadisius Dei, an organization of lay Catholics dedicated to finding God in the midst of everyday life, has brought a pilot program titled the Bottom of The Cup to the University of St. Thomas campus this Lent.

Beginning at 12:15 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 14 in Jones Hall, the Bottom of the Cup seeks to form a bridge between modern academia and the Church by integrating faith and reason as it relates to the mystery of the human person. The seven week series is built around interactive panel discussions investigating major issues facing college students today. Thirty speakers representing secular science, the Church and popular culture will share testimonies about sexuality and the human person. Students in attendance will have computers and electronic devices to participate in real-time polls.

The series takes its name from 1932 Nobel Laureate Werner Heisenber’s quote, "The first swallow from the cup of natural sciences makes atheists, but at the bottom of the cup God is waiting." The sessions will be filmed and Paradisius Dei has plans to expand the program in the near future.

The weekly topics include: Feb. 14, Pornography - Naked and Unashamed, testimony about the reality of pornography from producers, consumers and medical experts; Feb. 21, Can a Woman Have Sex Like a Man?, medical evidence about the real and lasting physical and emotional consequences of the “hookup culture” on college students; Feb. 28, Little Less Than a God, testimony about man as a spiritual being and his ability to become the manifestation of God the Father; March 6, Why Can't a Woman be More Like a Man?, testimony about the power of love and woman’s unique ability to call forth a resurrection whenever a person has fallen; March 20, What's Love Got to do with it?, a noble vision of the beauty of the spousal embrace based upon a contemplative reading of Pope John Paul II’s Theology of the Body; March 27, The End of Love?, real answers to the breakdown of marriage and the family in modern culture, including an honest assessment on the impact to larger culture; and April 3, A Vision of Hope, an inspiring vision of the ability of college students to become the foundation for a new springtime for the Church and greater society.

The event is free and open to UST students, faculty and staff. Free Chick-Fil-A will be provided for the first 250 students.

For more information about the program, contact 281-974-3541 or, or view the program flier.

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