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UST ACS Wins Outstanding Chapter Award

The University of St. Thomas student chapter of the American Chemical Society received an Outstanding Award at the 247th annual ACS National Meeting and Exposition in Dallas from March 16-20. Twenty-one students and two faculty advisors comprised the largest UST group to ever to attend the conference.

Every year student ACS chapters receive special recognition based of their volunteering events, club activities and community involvement, UST ACS chapter president Sally Acebo said. Each chapter in the nation compiles a detailed chapter report yearly to submit for award recognition. The UST chapter was one of 53 student chapters to receive an Outstanding Award.

Acebo said it was a great experience accepting the award for the chapter following the club's new activities.  

“I have really tried pushing co-op activities with other clubs, volunteering events, more community interaction and educational programs," Acebo said. "I’ve also incorporated more medical related aspects in my club since the majority of my members are wanting to pursue careers in the health field.”

The purpose of the ACS meeting and exposition was to allow students from all chapters to showcase their research projects via poster presentations or oral talks. The UST students presented research topics ranging from medicinal chemistry to gold nanoparticles and organic synthesis.  

“One of the highlights of the conference was watching my peers present in a professional setting,” Acebo said. “These students have worked hard on their specific research projects and they got their moment to shine!”

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