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UST Expands MSF Program to The Woodlands

In the fall of 2014, the University of St. Thomas Cameron School of Business will expand the reach of its Master of Science in Finance program to students in The Woodlands.

The Master of Science in Finance in The Woodlands is designed to serve the needs of working professionals in the finance field. The program uses a practical approach with course curriculum built around industry needs. With 30 hours of coursework, this shorter program can be completed in five semesters.

Classes are held two nights per week, Tuesday and Thursday, at the Lone Star College University Center, 3232 College Park Drive.

Dr. Joe Ueng, the Cullen Chair of Finance, says the program will help students prepare for the Chartered Financial Analyst exam while providing them with skills and knowledge that will benefit their career in finance.

“The MSF program provides students with a rigorous framework for decision-making and analysis in finance,” Ueng said. “Furthermore, it offers excellent preparation for the Level I exam of Chartered Financial Analyst and various positions in finance.”

Theodore Rowe, an MSF student currently enrolled in CSB, is taking advantage of these opportunities. Rowe is building his knowledge base and skills to become an angel investor working with a business development company.

“I know that upon completing the program I will have the necessary skills to become a proficient entrepreneur,” Rowe said. “Having completed almost three-quarters of the MSF program, I can say that if the desire is to become involved in the industry of financial management, investment banking or investment management, the MSF framework helps develop and enhance their understanding of finance.”

Information sessions on the MSF in the Woodlands program will be held at LSC-University Center on June 12 and July 1 at 6 p.m. The deadline to apply is Aug. 8.

For more information, contact Robert Stephens, director of graduate admissions, at 713-942-3403, or visit

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