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UST Introduces Music Classes for Pre-School Age Children
Photo: Music for MinisAt the University of St. Thomas Music Preparatory School, our youngest students embark upon their journey of musical growth under the guidance of teachers who instill a life-long love of music. The Music Preparatory School will now offer Music for Minis classes for young children, ages 2 to 5, and their parents.

Music for Minis classes are taught in a small group setting that is both nurturing and stimulating. Parent/child classes have a maximum enrollment of eight children. This enables the children, parents and teacher in each class to forge a strong bond. Comfort is further achieved by the reassurance of familiar faces each week and predictable class procedures.

Many important skills are acquired through music and music activities: the ability to focus and concentrate, to listen and observe keenly, to become interested in watching and to take turns with peers. The classes feature singing, dancing, playing with basic instruments. Parents are encouraged to get involved during the classes.

“Students in this program will grow so much in their music exploration,” said Paul Krystofiak, director of the Music Preparatory School. “I think these classes are great for kids socially, a wonderful way to introduce music and instill a life long appreciation for all kinds of music,” Krystofiak said.

Class placement is determined by the child's age as of Sept. 1. Other class placements are based on the child's birth year.
Classes are held once a week during the week and Saturdays at the convenience of the instructors, students and parents. Individual and group classes are available. Cost $40.00 per month (includes one class per week). Please call 713-525-3566 or e-mail for details.

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