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UST Ranks No. 4 in CPA Exam Pass Rate

The University of St. Thomas ranked No. 4 among 61 Texas colleges and universities whose students sat for the CPA exam, according to results from the January through March 2014 testing window. Approximately two-thirds of UST students passed.

The CPA exam is for students who want to become certified public accountants. Ramon Fernandez, assistant professor in accounting, said the exam is one of the highest achievements in the accounting field. 

Pass rates at the top five schools for the January-March 2014 testing window:

  1. Texas A&M College Station – 81.68%
  2. University of Texas Austin – 79.77%
  3. Texas Christian University – 78.57%
  4. University of St. Thomas – 66.67%
  5. Baylor University – 66.25%

Fernandez said this accomplishment is a reflection of the students’ understanding of the importance of the exam and the level of dedication to their studies.

“It’s not uncommon for students to have to take the exam more than once,” Fernandez said. “The average pass rate is 40 percent to 45 percent.”

The exam is broken down into four parts: financial accounting, regulation, auditing and business. If a student does not pass a section of the exam, they have 18 months to retake and pass the remaining parts.

The five-year BBA/MBA program at UST fully prepares students to take the exam. This program allows students to receive two degrees in a shorter amount of time than if they were to complete them separately. St. Thomas’ master’s in accounting also prepares those who already have bachelors’ degrees for careers in accounting. 

To reach the 150 college credit-hour requirement needed to sit for the exam, Fernandez said students also have the option to complete their BBA and take extra classes without going through the BBA/MBA program.

Fernandez also teaches the Becker CPA Review program – a course that is geared to help prepare students to sit for the exam. 

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