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UST Senior to Attend Republican National Convention
Photo: Kenneth DepewSenior political science major Kenneth Depew traveled with Ted Cruz, candidate for the U.S. Senate, to the 40th Republican National Convention from Aug. 27-30 at the Tampa Bay Times Forum in Tampa Bay, Fla.

In his first excursion to a convention of this magnitude, Depew, a Student Government Association senior senator and chairman for the UST College Republicans Club, will be an aide for Cruz. He will keep Cruz on schedule, gather information for potential contacts and answer general questions on Cruz's political stance.

"I'm very excited, but I have figure out how to pack all of my suits without wrinkling them," Depew said. "This is my first convention, so there is definitely a sense of anticipation."
Originally from Houston, Depew has been volunteering on the campaign for 14 months and working full time for about four months. After hearing Cruz speak, he began volunteering and was proactive in checking social media to research Cruz and speaking with the political director to find out about events on the campaign trail. He was asked to work full time because of his dedication and Depew was able to get an insider's look into a career in politics.

"I want to take full advantage of every event and meet and listen to the leaders of the Republican party," Depew said. "I know I'll meet a lot of influential people with Mr. Cruz."
His days will run from 6 a.m. to 1:30 a.m. He will attend rallies and meet-and-greets around Tampa Bay followed by speakers and assemblies in the evenings, which will be broadcast on national TV.

"These are big events so the adrenaline and excitement will keep me going all day," Depew said.

Depew, a United States Army sergeant and veteran, said he wants to use his experiences as an influence to other veteran students.

"In the military, we implement the policy rather than shape it. We should take the skills we learn, such as leadership, accomplishing tasks, and making tough decisions, and we should apply those to the political world."

The convention will host more than 50,000 guests, delegates and media. Because of weather precautions, the event will convene Monday morning, Aug. 27, and recess until Tuesday, Aug. 28.

After the convention, Depew will return to UST for the College Republicans meeting on Sept. 6 to share his experiences with his fellow students.

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