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UST Student Elizabeth Elliott to Present at Philosophy Conference
Photo: Elizabeth ElliotElizabeth Elliott will represent the University of St. Thomas as she presents her article, "Curing Society of Impiety: Plato's Pivotal Argument for the Existence of God,” at the 16th annual philosophy conference at Pacific University on April 20 in Forest Grove, Oregon.

Elliott, who will graduate this May, did not intend on becoming a philosophy major; she credits her decision to change her major from psychology to philosophy to Dr. Christopher Martin’s Ancient Philosophy class her freshman year.

“It was the way he taught,” Elliott said. “Whatever he said in class I took the opposite stance, I had to challenge him, and he loved the sparring; he fed back into it.”

Along with Dr. Martin, Elliott credits Dr. Ted Rebard, associate professor of philosophy, as one of her mentors.

Dr. Rebard has a very different style,” she said. “He takes everything that would be complex and convoluted and eliminates all of the excess, getting right down to the core.”

The article Elliott will present covers Plato’s Law Book X, which poses an argument for the existence of God. This argument is a necessary stepping stone for the rest of the book in which Plato establishes a need for universal law.

From the hundreds of submissions received, only 88 students were selected to present articles. From these presentations, a select number of articles will be published in the journal Res Cogitans.

Elliott is in the process of applying to graduate schools to earn a master’s degree in philosophy. She plans to pursue a doctoral degree in philosophy and hopes to teach at the collegiate level.

“I think our lives are philosophy,” Elliott said. “I don’t think you can live and not abide by some type of philosophy, whether you are aware of it or not.”

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