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UST Welcomes New Res Life Director

Marquis Gatewood, formerly the assistant director of residence life, takes the reins of the department as the new Director of Residence Life and Conference Housing for the 2013-14 Residence Life team.

Gatewood recently accepted the director position after a challenging summer of being short-staffed.

“Within a matter of weeks, our department went from a team of three to a team of me,” Gatewood said. “Even though the transition was a stressful, my amazing student leaders and workers helped me balance and manage our changing department.”

As the new director, Gatewood has many plans to change and improve the department.

“I look forward to connecting more with our residents,” Gatewood said. “My goal is to have some type of interaction with every single resident that lives in our residence halls.  I also want everyone on campus to have an experience with our residents and residence halls. I enjoy seeing faculty, staff and students walk into Guinan Hall for the first time. They are all amazed to find an active community and a warm and inviting living space.”

For more information on living on campus, contact the Office of Residence Life at 713-525-3836.   

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