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University of St. Thomas Athletics Adds Twitter to their Tool Box
Graphic: twitter @USTAthleticsTwitter has become the latest tool in the expansion of the University of St. Thomas athletics program. This creates another channel for members of the community to find out everything from the scores to the schedules of the six intercollegiate teams on campus.

“We have embraced the benefits of social media,” Athletic Director and Men’s Basketball Coach Todd Smith said. “I think our fans will find our Twitter-feed very informative. We plan to tweet important updates to keep the community informed.”

Lady Celts Head Volleyball Coach Trent Herman has already begun using Twitter to tweet updates about several intercollegiate games and outcomes. “Twitter has been an easy way for us to get scores and upcoming events out to our fans,” Herman said. “It’s instant information for our fans who can’t attend our games.”

Stay up-to-date on Lady Celts and men’s athletes through their Twitter page! Visit for regular game updates, statistics and student athlete highlights.

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