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Vatican Grants Permission to Publish “John Paul II Speaks on Women”
The UST Women, Culture, and Society (WSC) Program has received permission from the Vatican to publish, “John Paul II Speaks on Women,” a comprehensive collection of John Paul II’s historic texts on women. The volume, now available for faculty and student study at UST, brings to the fore the dimensions and elements found and developed uniquely in the thought of this pope.

The publication was a collective effort by numerous University of St. Thomas faculty members including Dr. Brooke Deely, Dr. John Deely, Dr. John Hittinger, Fr. Ted Baenziger, C.S.B. and Dr. Mary Kelleher. UST students Ivan Earls and Remon Maximo also contributed to initial research and technical design aspects of the publication. “This volume addresses a pressing need — both within and beyond the academic community — for a ready-at-hand reference gathered in one volume to these landmark texts,” said Dr. Brooke Deely, director of the WCS Program and principal editor.

With the manuscript assembled and Vatican “permission to publish” in granted, WCS is currently pursuing publication opportunities.

The publication is an outgrowth of the nationally unique mission of the WCS Program, which focuses on deepening understanding of the developing Catholic tradition in relation to the women’s rights revolution, begun in late modern times. The UST WCS Program is inspired by the call of Pope John Paul II to fulfill this revolution in a way that respects the personal resources of women, as distinguished from those of men, while, at the same time, modeling a shared humanity that thereby overcomes male domination and exploitation, which, as the Pope clarifies, is, like poverty, an effect of original sin that needs to be remedied.” 

The Rev. Richard L. Schaefer, Censor Deputatus for the Archdiocese of Dubuque, Iowa, assisted editorially, including the selection of excerpts from John Paul II’s Theology of the Body. Dr. Mary Kelleher, Public Services Librarian, Doherty Library, UST, oversaw the comprehensive dimension of the research. Fr. Ted Baenziger, C.S.B. provided the concluding section, “Women Canonized and Beatified by John Pope II.” Final arrangement of the essays, including formatting and determination of Vatican Internet links to each of the texts, was the work of Dr. John Deely, holder of the Rudman Chair at the Center for Thomistic Studies at UST. For the published volume, Dr. John Hittinger, director of the Houston-based John Paul II Forum for the Church in the Modern World, will write the preface, and Dr. Brooke Williams Deely will write the introduction.

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