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Volunteers To Sell Free-Trade International Crafts

Former UST employee Lisa Emmite Baker, a volunteer with the nonprofit organization Eternal Threads, will return to campus to sell free trade items hand-crafted by women in developing countries. Emmite Baker and students from the UST Social Entrepreneurship Program (formerly MicroCredit) will sell bags, jewelry and other crafts from 9-2 p.m. , August 30 at the base of the stairs in Crooker Center.

Emitte Baker formerly worked in the UST Department of Institutional Research.

Eternal Threads is dedicated to improving the lives of women and children most at risk of extreme poverty, trafficking and other forms of exploitation by providing sustainable livelihoods through income generating projects.

Eternal Threads establishes sustainable methods of helping women and their families, who live in poverty to increase their income enabling them to educate their children, buy nutritious food and medicine and other basic necessities. Increased livelihood will also help mitigate the risk of trafficking and exploitation that women and children in extreme poverty face.

Payments can only be made by cash or check. For more information about Eternal Threads, visit

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