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60 Saudi Arabian Students Receive Job Offers at Conference

Omar Alsagheir and Ibrahim Al MughyithahNearly one week after the Graduation ceremony in May, 65 Saudi Arabian students and alumni who attended the University of St. Thomas as part of the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission attended a conference and job fair in Washington, D.C. Nearly everyone returned with job offers.

The Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission focuses on education to provide the country with qualified individuals who can achieve the country’s goals of progress and development. SACM strives to provide their students with the best possible educational opportunities at the best educational institutions in the United States while supporting the students academically and financially.

The University has had a partnership with SACM since 2009. Most of the SACM students on campus are enrolled in business courses. Dr. Beena George, dean of the Cameron School of Business, sees this as a positive for the students and international business world.

“The reason SACM sends students across the globe is so students learn about business around the world.” George said. “They come here and interact other students, get involved in student government and I think they really enjoy it.”

Omar AlsagheirOmar Alsagheir ’14 and Ibrahim Al Mughyithah, both master’s students in the Cameron School of Business and leaders within the Saudi Arabian Student Association on campus, gained a lot from the conference, including interview skills, networking opportunities and possible job positions in the business and financial sectors back in Saudi Arabia.

“Before I went, I thought that there was not a lot of opportunity, but I was surprised by how much was there,” Al Mughyithah said. “There were more than 100 companies from Saudi Arabia. Some of them were international companies, and they made it easy for the students to introduce themselves.”

Alsagheir, who graduated with an MBA and MSF, received four job offers ranging from banking to government funds. He will remain in Houston to complete his CFA exam, then plans on moving back to Saudi Arabia and work as a mutual funds investor. Alsagheir would like to earn a doctorate in economics and finance and is working towards a government position as minister of finance in Saudi Arabia.

“I like that St. Thomas is a small campus,” Alsagheir said. “It has international professors who can give you experience and the international student population has given me perspective on business.”

Ibrahim Al MughyithahAl Mughyithah, who is working on finishing an MBA in finance and will graduate in May 2015, went to the conference to make networking connections and see how the process worked. He would like to earn his CFA before working as an investment banker.

“For our students, especially given the growing prominence of the Middle East, the interaction business gives them the opportunity to work with people of different cultures,” George said. “The relationships they form in the classroom might turn into a business opportunity.”

Because of its AACSB accreditation, the University was able to establish a relationship with SACM, openly receiving students from Saudi Arabia to prepare them to join the professional world and continue to help Saudi Arabia grow and develop. Most international scholarship organizations require students to go to schools that are accredited by the leading accrediting organization.

AACSB accreditation is known worldwide as the longest standing, most recognized form of specialized accreditation an institution and its business programs can earn.

“I think our professors did very well with how they taught us,” Alsagheir said. “I want to thank them for giving us a good, quality education.”


The University of St. Thomas is a welcoming place where students and faculty of all faiths come together in a close-knit academic environment. On our campus there is an openness that transcends differences, welcomes diversity and provides a warm and supportive atmosphere for international students.