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600 Attend Way of the Cross

“Thus, my dears, if on the cross by unjust and criminal people He gives up his life, his soul, and his heart to save you, would you leave Him for another love?”  As the final verse of a song at the beginning of the annual Way of the Cross, the congregation was reminded of the greatest gift and our challenge to stay with Him. 

For five years, Catholic Houstonians have processed in reverent silence from the University of St. Thomas to the Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart.  Led by the cross and welcomed by Daniel Cardinal DiNardo, priests, nuns and 600 laypeople processed into the Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart for the last of five stations repeating the song, “We adore you O Jesus Christ, for by your Cross you redeemed the world.” 

The Way of the Cross spans just over two miles, stopping at Holy Rosary and Catholic Charities where the Gospel account and classical commentaries of the passion are read and reflections are given.  Each year the Houston community of the international lay movement Communion and Liberation prepares the Way of the Cross with the participation of the Co-Cathedral of Sacred Heart, University of St. Thomas, Holy Rosary Catholic Church and Catholic Charities.

Each year the congregation processes to publically remind our city that more than 2,000 years ago a fact happened in history on this day which claimed to be the salvation of every human being. Because it is not a theory or a doctrine, but a fact, the event brings the cross in the midst of the city to put everyone, believers and non-believers, in front of Christ’s claim.  

The Way of the Cross is walked in cities in over 70 countries around the world and has become a fixture in the landscape of Houston’s Good Friday events. For more information visit or