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AOS 4th-Graders Sell Lemonade at UST on May 6

UST and AOS 4th-Graders Kick Off Lemonade DayIn collaboration with the University of St. Thomas School of Education and School of Business, fourth-graders from Annunciation Orthodox School will participate in Lemonade Day on Sunday, May 6, selling Lemonade from 2 to 3:30 p.m. on the UST Academic Mall. In a sip-and-stroll fashion, there is a $5 tasting fee per person and six teams of students will provide lemonade. All proceeds go to BARC Animal Shelter & Adoptions.

Lemonade Day is a free, community-wide educational initiative designed to teach children how to start, own and operate their own business – a lemonade stand.

Dressed in lemon-yellow T-shirts, 62 fourth-graders from AOS visited the University on March 7 to take part in a kick-off event for Lemonade Day.

The elementary students received inspiration from the event’s founder, Michael Holthouse, a Houston entrepreneur and philanthropist, and co-founder of Prepared 4 Life, a non-profit that provides fun programs infused with life skills, character education and entrepreneurship. Holthouse shared the story of his daughter’s experience of starting a lemonade stand to help buy a turtle.


“Maybe you have a goal in mind,” Holthouse said to the students. “A turtle or an iPad or drum lessons.”

UST and AOS 4th-Graders Kick Off Lemonade DayHolthouse underscored the value of educating kids to become entrepreneurs through training in life skills, character and morals. But let’s not forget the point of a lemonade stand:
“It’s going to be big fun, and at the end of it, you’re going to make a bunch of money,” he told the fourth-graders.

Holthouse said he was glad to be able to partner with the University for the kick-off and the Lemonade Day program.

“St. Thomas has produced so many great leaders,” he said. “We are so honored to be able to partner with you.”

Two UST alumni also shared their stories about starting their own businesses: John Daugherty III ’12, who started ’Cue Sauce last year, bottling his own barbecue sauce, and Tino Ramirez ’85, owner of The Chocolate Bar and Candylicious.

Daugherty said he considered speaking about hard work, teamwork and resourcefulness – all important in starting a business – but decided to make his message about encouraging students to build a business they enjoy.

“I thought about how we got ’Cue Sauce from a piece of paper to a product – it’s fun,” Daugherty said. “It wouldn’t be successful if it wasn’t fun.”

Ramirez, whose businesses included a pizza restaurant and dog sitting before starting The Chocolate Bar, said it is important to make a plan and understand the product well.

UST and AOS 4th-Graders Kick Off Lemonade Day“My favorite part of running my business is research,” Ramirez said. “That meant trying every piece of candy and chocolate.”

He encouraged the kids to focus on their product. “Do you want to make organic lemonade? Do you want to make pink lemonade?” he asked. “Make sure you sample your lemonade.”

Cameron Waldner ’06, MLA ’08, the Chief Service Officer for the City of Houston, also represented the mayor in presenting a city proclamation of May 6 as Lemonade Day.

“Lemonade Day is a day of learning and celebrating Houston’s future,” the proclamation read. “On Sunday, May 6, every citizen has a job – either buying or helping children sell lemonade.”

The Annunciation Orthodox School kids will be assigned to teams to sell lemonade at UST on Lemonade Day, giving the UST community an opportunity to support their sales.

UST and AOS 4th-Graders Kick Off Lemonade DayThe University’s Lemonade Day program is a collaboration between AOS, the UST School of Education and the Cameron School of Business. UST faculty will offer 14 lessons on topics like site selection, finding an investor, purchasing and advertising. The final lesson will be about how the students can use their profits to give back to the community.

The final lesson will be about how the students can use their profits to give back to the community.