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Dr. Malcolm Rector Excels in Music, Writing, Film

Dr. Malcolm Rector, University of St. Thomas assistant professor of music, began playing and composing music at the age of four and has been creatively expressing himself through music, writing, and film his entire life.

Rector earned a bachelor’s degree in music from UST in 1996, followed by both master’s and doctoral degrees from Rice University.  He worked as an adjunct music professor at St. Thomas from 2002-2003, and returned to his alma mater in 2008 to teach jazz, music theory and composition.

As an undergraduate, Rector studied screenwriting and playwriting extensively.  He has written 17 full-length screenplays, nine stage plays, one novel and numerous stories ranging in genre from drama to surreal.  He is currently in post-production for his first feature film, Ghosts.

Rector has a passion for working with students, and several of his current UST students, including Brittany Whisenant and Bobby Murillo, are assisting in the production of Ghosts, which was filmed entirely on the UST campus. The story revolves around two music students who agree to work late in a university’s music library after the campus closes for the summer.  The events that follow push them to the brink of insanity and leave them fighting for their lives. 

Rector hopes to sell Ghosts to a distributor upon completion.  He has numerous other compositions and productions which have already been recognized globally.

Most recently, Rector’s musical score, “Blitzkrieg” has been accepted by the College Music Society for presentation at the 2011 International Conference in Seoul and Gyeongju, South Korea, July 3-10, 2011.

Rector’s music video X-Man, which he directed, produced, edited, and composed the music and lyrics, has been aired in four different countries.  It was an Official Selection of the Cannes Independent Film Festival in France, the London Independent Film Festival, the Hollywood Black Film Festival, and the San Diego Black Film Festival, and an Official Finalist of the Canada International Film Festival.  It also won the Silver Remi Award for Creative Excellence at Worldfest –Houston International Film Festival.

“I especially love the process of creating and the world of imagination,” Rector said, “whether it’s through writing or directing or composing.”

Rector has also received several recent commissions including the composition of a ballet for the Urban Souls Dance Company, and a piece titled, “That’s Right!” for former Houston Symphony Orchestra member, Richard Nunemaker.

In addition to spending time composing, producing, and teaching, Rector is also active in the Houston community.  In August, he was a guest speaker for the Scriptwriters of Houston group.  He also recently composed the theme for the monthly news show, Positively Houston, which airs on PBS 8.2, and has been added as a co-host.

More information about Rector and his music, films, and other projects can be found on his website,