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Dr. Meier-Marquis Sheds Light on Mysteries of Attraction

View a psychology class in which Dr. Jo Meier-Marquis discusses the subject of dating and relationships. See how she engages her students in the topic by exploring the science behind interpersonal attraction.

“College is a very pivotal time for students to learn more about who they are attracted to and why,” Meier-Marquis said.

She is the associate professor and chair of the Psychology Department, joined the UST faculty in 2004. She earned a master’s degree and doctorate in experimental psychology from Southern Methodist University.

Meier-Marquis teaches courses that range from freshman-level to senior-level, including general psychology, social psychology, foundations of statistical analysis and experimental psychology.

“Collectively, our psychology courses teach students to engage in active critical thinking,” Meier-Marquis said. “Many of our courses touch on topics relevant to our students’ day-to-day lives.

“For instance, while many might think that falling in love is solely a matter of the heart, but psychological research suggests that something as complex as falling in love is predicted as much by emotional factors as it is by cognitive and, some might say, evolutionary factors,” she said.

If she isn’t teaching or conducting research on parenting relationships, health psychology, or evaluating community outreach projects, you can find this mother of three enjoying time at home with her children ages 12, 7 and 3, training for a half-marathon or whipping up a culinary treat.

“I would have been a chef or caterer and my life would have centered on nourishing people with food,” Meier-Marquis said.

She has a passion for cooking, and she admits to spoiling everyone around her with food. Don’t be surprised if she hands out sweet homemade treats in class.

To learn more about obtaining a degree in psychology from UST, contact Dr. Meier-Marquis at or call 713-525-3183.